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Kaffe er vanvittig godt når det er gjort riktig. Her er lenker til noen som er opptatt av nettopp dette.

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Nr. Nettlenke Treff
1   Link   Fuglen
Bird life has taken on a new meaning in Norway’s capital Oslo. For the besotted clientele of the multiconcept space FUGLEN – translated ‘the bird’ – it has come to signify the good things of a life well lived. As a café, an outlet for interior objects and a soon to be launched high cocktail bar it is a crossroads where several subcultures, stories and concepts meet and converge. And as the founder of this new concept, barista champion of Norway 2007 and former daily manager of the original coffee shop it is all built on Einar Kleppe Holthe says “It is genuine and you can feel it” It is seriously cool. But there are no airs and graces here. Low strung people cuddle up on sofas, an enthused father chain-kissing his toddler, mellow tunes flowing from the speakers. The quiet, almost aquatic ambience contrasts the stress and noise of outside traffic. Upon entering the first and original room where KAFFEFUGLEN – translated “the coffeebird” started in 1963 and has been selling coffee over a counter for impressive 47 years you feel what he talks about And then entering the two new rooms behind the wall where you find yourself wondering if you have walked into your stylish grandmother’s private drawing room you are completely lost in time.
2   Link   Tim Wendelboe
Tim Wendelboe is a micro roastery, a coffee training centre and an espresso bar located at Grünersgate 1 in Oslo, Norway.

Our goal is to be among the best coffee roasteries and espresso bars in the world and to be a preferred supplier of quality coffee and a preferred resource for coffee innovation and coffee knowledge.

Coffee is our passion and we source, import, roast and sell what we believe is among the best coffees from coffee producers around the world. For more info about our coffees click here.

We also provide training for the public as well as for professionals.

If you run a coffee shop, a restaurant or other stores or offices and are interested in purchasing our coffee wholesale, please contact us via mail or telephone (+47) 4000 4062.

If you are interested in buying our coffee you can visit one of our customers, use our web shop or visit our store in Grünersgate 1 in Oslo.
3   Link   Solberg & Hanen Blog
Blog for kaffebrenneriet Solberg & Hansen.

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